1. Clippings (PDF files) and links

  2. Brief bio, apparently from Time Magazine, describing Guy’s works for In Our Image.

  3. Biographical Data sheet.

  4. Giro bobs up with a new technic” [sic] An interview by Ernest W. Watson, in American Artist,  March, 1943.

  5. Letter from the Publisher of Time magazine, August 30, 1954. Provides bibliographic details about Guy Rowe.

  6. In Our Image — Christopher Award, press release from Oxford University Press, New York, describing the book and it creators and history. February 16, 1951.

  7. “Easter Series Describes The People Around Christ.” the Free Lance - Star, Friday, March 23, 1956.

  8. “Guy Rowe, Artist, Dead at 75; Paintings on 80 Time Covers.” NY Times, August 27, 1969.

Drawing of Guy Rowe by his son, Charles Everett Rowe. Press photo dated Nov. 27, 1949, for Oxford University Press.

Press photo for release of In Our Image by Oxford University Press.

Guy and Corinn at work.