1. One-Man Shows

  2. Baltimore Museum of Art

  3. Pasadena Art Museum

  4. Kendall Memorial Art Museum

  5. New York Public Library

  6. West Point Art Museum

  7. Southern Methodist University

  8. Associated American Artists Gallery

  9. Allegheny College

  10. Wayne University

  11. Ritz Carlton Hotel Special Showing

  12. Ferigal Gallery

  13. Guild Gallery

  14. One-man traveling show all over the United States, arranged by the Oxford University Press

  15. Group Shows

  16. National Academy of Design

  17. American Watercolor Society

  18. New York Watercolor Society

  19. Marino Gallery

  20. Michigan Artists Annual 1920-1942

  21. Scarab Club Members Show

  22. Detroit Artists of National Reputation

  23. Los Angeles County Museum

  24. Pasadena Museum

  25. Phillips Gallery

  26. Library of Congress

  27. Brooks Memorial Museum

  28. Detroit Art Institute

  29. DeYong Memorial Museum

  30. Salons of America Show

  31. Michigan Independent Artists

  32. Traveling exhibitions directed by Time, Inc. in principal cities of the United States and abroad.

  1. Permanent Collections

  2. Kendall Memorial Art Museum

  3. Library of Congress

  4. Columbia University

  5. Time, Inc.

  6. General Foods Collection

  7. Magazine Articles

  8. American Artists Magazine, Feb. 1943, Mar. 1943, Nov. 1949.

  9. Time, Oct. 1, 1949, Oct. 31, 1949, Aug. 30, 1954, Feb. 26, 1951

  10. Other Articles

  11. The First Guide Post Anthology, “Story of Guy Rowe,” by Will Oursler.

  12. Books Containing Guy’s Work

  13. In Our Image: Character Studies from the Old Testament. “Selected from the King James Version by Houston Harte, Thirty-two color paintings by Guy Rowe, Forward by Kent Cooper.” Oxford University Press, New York, 1949.

  14. Jobs For All Through Industrial Expansion, Mordecai Ezekiel, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1939. Illustrated with numerous black and white drawings, all by Guy Rowe, the original of which were probably linoleum cuts.

Guy Rowe

Photo: Chicago Sun Times 10-10-49: Guy at Marshall Fields Store, “fixing his drawing of Elisha...”